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ALDI Thanksgiving price rewind 2022 to 2019

Aldi Brings Back 2019 Thanksgiving Prices For 2022

Pretend Inflation Isn’t Real For A Little Bit!

Aldi just announced that they will be rewinding prices on a variety of holiday favorites. The Thanksgiving Price Rewind Sale starts November 2nd, 2022.

This isn’t just a price decrease on turkey, they are dropping prices to match 2019 prices on select desserts, appetizers, sides, and beverages. Aldi says that means discounts of up to 30% off of 2022 prices.

The press release from Aldi (PDF) lists cheese, wine, prosciutto, cornbread stuffing, rolls, macarons, and apple pie as a few of the products that will get the price rewind.

You can look for the Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon in the Aldi Ads and in-store to spot the extra savings.

Images Courtesy of ALDI

Start your shopping online at Aldi on Instacart to check out the Thanksgiving Price Rewinds.

This price decrease comes at a time when food prices have been rising along with overall inflation. I’m glad Aldi is doing something to make that hurt a bit less around the holidays when many shoppers are going to be looking to save money.

This price reduction from Aldi is a nice gesture for the holidays and while it won’t bring your receipt total back to 2019 prices every little bit helps.



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