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Huntington Home Cooling Towels 2-pack

Aldi Cooling Towels

Huntington Home 2-Pack Cooling Towels

Beat the summer heat with Aldi’s Huntington Home Cooling Towels. Priced at just $4.99 for a 2-pack, these chemical-free towels are set to hit Aldi stores on July 12th, 2023.

Designed for softness and breathability, these towels are perfect for staying cool and recovering fast at the office, home, or during workouts. Perfect to keep next to your Aldi Treadmill or exercise bike for those hot workouts.

They’re ideal for yoga, the gym, and even camping. The towels come in a clear plastic carrying pouch and are machine washable. Stay refreshed with Huntington Home Cooling Towels – available soon at Aldi!

Aldi Cooling Towels
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Huntington Home Cooling Towel Details

  • Price: $4.99 (2023, prices may vary)
  • Available: 7/12/2023 (limited time Aldi Find)
  • 2-pack of chemical-free cooling towels
  • Soft and breathable material for maximum comfort
  • Helps you stay cool and recover quickly at the office, home, or during workouts
  • Perfect for yoga, gym sessions, and camping adventures
  • Comes with a convenient clear plastic carrying pouch
  • Made from chemical-free materials for a safe and refreshing experience
  • Available in a variety of color options: Gray/Gray, Light Gray/Black, Orange/Blue, Pink/Turquoise, or Green/Purple
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance.
Aldi Huntington Home Cooling Towels
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Is It A Good Deal?

Without knowing the exact size of these towels it can be hard to compare the price apples to apples but I still think this is a pretty good deal. Aldi’s cooling towels are $4.99 for a 2-pack and I found most small cooling towels end up being $3-5 each online depending on the brand. You might also have to buy a 4-pack or more to get that price.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Sukeen [4 Pack Cooling Towel (40″x12″), Ice Towel, Soft Breathable Chilly Towel, Microfiber Towel…
  • INSTANT COOLING, REUSABLE – Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it. The unique cooling system uses moisture…
  • KEEP CHILLS – The towel stays chilled for up to 3 hours (depending on conditions). No chemicals are used in the making of the cooling towels. It’s perfect for hot flashes, outdoor activities, indoor…
  • MULTIPURPOSE SPORTS TOWEL: It’s perfect for sports fans into golf, swimming, football, workout, gym and fitness, also works for fever or headache therapy, heatstroke prevention, sunscreen protection,…
SaleBestseller No. 3
FROGG TOGGS unisex adult Towel, Longer Than Microfiber Towels, Biodegradable The Original Chilly Pad…
  • COOLING COMFORT – Constructed from Frogg Toggs’ exclusive, hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch. 33 x 13, towel provides reusable cooling relief and sun…
  • WET, WRING, COOL – Wetting the towel in water allows it to activate quickly and cool up to 30 degrees. frogg toggs cooling products offer an innovative way to cool down while enduring outdoor heat or…
  • ABSORBANT – the Chilly Pad materials can absorb up to 8 times its weight in water. Once wet, the cooling towel activates to quickly cool up to 30 degrees for hot weather relief

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