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Aldi Wine Advent Calendar 2021 Reviews

Check out the 2022 Wine Advent Calendar by Clicking HERE

2021 Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

The Aldi Wine Advent Calendar also has 24 different wines in 187ml plastic bottles. Wine and cheese always go together and this year Aldi makes it easy by offering a cheese advent calendar with 24 different kinds of cheese to go along with your wine (sold separately). Whether you like Aldi red wine, white wine, or something in between there is something for you to try. Here are all the wines in this year’s Wine Advent Calendar:

  1. Snowy Night Series Brut Rosé, 11.5%, California Sparkling Wine 
  2. Snowberry Blend, 8%, Grape wine with natural flavors and caramel color
  3. Sauvignon Blanc, 13%, California
  4. Pinot Grigio, 12.5%, California
  5. Sweet Rosé, 10%, California Rose Wine
  6. Brut Cuvée, 10.5%, California Sparkling Wine
  7. Oh Reindeer Series Winter White Chardonnay, 13.5%, California
  8. Cabernet Sauvignon, 13%, California
  9. Riesling, 8%, California
  10. Pinot Noir, 13%, California
  11. White Zinfandel, 8.5%, California
  12. Moscato, 8.5%, California
  13. Shimmering Lights Series Pinot Noir, 12.5%, California
  14. Rosé, 13%, California
  15. Reindeer Red, 8%, Grape wine and natural flavors
  16. Red Moscato, 8.5%, California
  17. Chardonnay, 12.5%, California
  18. Sauvignon Blanc, 13%, California
  19. Merry & Bright Series Merry Red, 12.5%, California Red Wine
  20. Pinot Grigio – 11.5% – California
  21. Chardonnay, 12%, California
  22. Merlot, 12%, California
  23. Red Blend , 12%, California 
  24. Red Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, 12%, California

I didn’t pick this up this year so you will have to let me know if it was worth it! Leave your review below to let everyone know how it was. For information on all the other Aldi advent calendars check out the 2021 Aldi Advent Calendar Post.

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Rated 2.8 out of 5
2.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good17%

Disappointing wine selection

Rated 1.0 out of 5
February 1, 2022

So bummed with the wine calendar for 2021. 2020 was a pretty Christmas tree box with small bottles of wine that you can actually buy in store in a regular size. This year was a boring box and all of the wines were made up wines like “reindeer red” that you can’t buy in a full sized bottle even if you did like them. Such a letdown.


I only got to try a couple of the wines, but they were good

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 30, 2022

My favorite out of the 2021 Aldi wine Advent calendar was Shimmering Lights Winter Wonderland Reindeer Red. It was delicious. I am trying to find where I can but a couple bottles of this wine


Cheap no name wine

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 14, 2022

I bought the Aldi wine calendar several years ago and it was a treat. This year, 2021, the bottles are plastic and the wines are terrible. I ended up making sangria with most of them.


Taste fail

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 26, 2021

Cabernet sauvignon tasted like merlot. These wines taste like cheap pours. Will not buy again


Halfway through, not as good as last year

Rated 4.0 out of 5
December 13, 2021

Fun experience but I think the calendar was better last year.


Adam @ Aldi

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