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Aldi Ambiano Wine Cooler

Aldi Wine Cooler

Ambiano Wine and Beverage Cooler

If you are looking to keep your Winking Owl Wine cooled to the perfect temperature you should check out the Ambiano Wine Cooler from Aldi. It will go on sale November 23, 2022 for $149.99 as an Aldi Find.

Aldi does not list the dimensions or capacity on the website but from the images they provided it looks to hold 8 bottles of wine on the two shelves plus a large area underneath to store all your favorite Aldi Beer and Aldi Hard Seltzer.

That bottom area looks like it is large enough to store more bottles of wine as well. At least if you lay them horizontally.

Large appliances like this are typically still place in the Aldi Finds Aisle, but sometimes there are placed along a wall in another part of the store. If you need to outfit your whole bar check out all the Crofton Barware that Aldi will have the same week.

Aldi Ambiano Wine Cooler- Beverage Refrigerator
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Aldi Wine and Beverage Refrigerator

  • Price: $149.99 (2022, prices may vary)
  • Available: 11/23/2022
  • Digital display
  • Touch control panel
  • Temperature range: 41 degrees F to 71.6 degrees F
  • Perfect for storing wine, beer, seltzer, and any other beverage
  • Auto-lock control panel
  • Glass door
  • Removable shelves to customize for your favorite beverages
  • Blue light in the interior
  • Aldi Product Code: 705945
Aldi Ambiano Wine Cooler
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Is It A Good Deal?

Without knowing the size/capacity it is pretty tough to make any real price comparisons. For something like this the size and bottle capacity are probably the most important features besides the temperature range.

The best deal I found online was this Whirlpool Wine Cooler from Target. It doesn’t look as versatile as the Ambiano Beverage Cooler since it seems to be set up just for wine. It is a 1.7 cu ft refrigerator and holds 15 bottles of wine. It also cools down to 39F, a couple degrees cooler than Aldi’s refrigerator. It is on sale right now for $129.99 but has a regular price of $149.99, the same as the Ambiano.

Looking on Amazon there are a lot of options that may work better for your space or wine capacity but most are more expensive than Aldi’s wine cooler, at least with shipping costs.

The best priced wine cooler that looks comparable to the Ambiano is this Beverage Cooler from Antarctic Star. The smallest option looks pretty similar to the Ambiano wine cooler and is eligible for Prime Shipping which helps on the overall cost. It comes in a few larger sizes as well (for a higher price).

If you only need to chill a half dozen bottles of wine at a time you can check out the Koolatron 6 Bottle Wine Cooler. It looks like one of the cheapest options on Amazon, but also one of the smallest.

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