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Ambiano 20 Cup Rice Cooker ALDI

Ambiano 20-Cup Rice Cooker

Aldi Rice Cooker and Steamer

The Ambiano 20 Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer will be available at Aldi the week of September 21st, 2022 as a limited time Aldi Find. This big rice cooker will sell for $24.99 when it lands in stores.

This rice cooker is a larger version of the 6-cup rice cooker Aldi came out with earlier this year. This new version makes up to 20 cups of cooked rice at a time which is quite a bit.

That size is great if you have a big family and go through a lot of rice. But is also useful if you want to make rice cooker meals that need a bit more space. Many people use their rice cooker to make full one pot meals similar to how you would use a slow cooker.

Aldi Ambiano 20 cup rice cooker
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Ambiano 20-Cup Rice Cooker and Steamer

  • Price: $24.99 (as of 2022, prices may vary)
  • Available: 9/21/2022
  • Includes: Rice cooker, nonstick cooking bowl, plastic steamer basket, rice measuring cup, rice spoon and glass lid
  • Can make up to twenty cups of cooked rice per batch
  • Functions: Cook, steam, and warm
  • Includes measurements on the inside of the nonstick cooking bowl
  • Easy one-touch operation
  • Colors: White or Black
  • Aldi Product Code: 700168
Aldi Ambiano Rice Cooker 20 cup

Is It A Good Deal?

This rice cooker will be selling for $24.99 at Aldi but is that a good price? I think there may be some good deals on alternatives.

Aroma makes a 20-cup rice cooker that looks very similar to this Ambiano version. And it looks like you can pick up one of these without spending too much.

The main advantage of the Aroma is that they are known for making good rice cookers and this model has a lot of good reviews.

Of course you can spend more and if you are looking for other features like a slow cooker function you can check out this Instant Pot Zest Rice Cooker at Amazon.

It doesn’t have the pressure cooking functions that most Instant Pots have. But I haven’t had good luck making rice in my pressuring cooking Instant Pot so if you are looking primarily for a rice cooker this could be a good option.

If I was buying a 20-cup rice cooker I would probably go with the Aroma 20-Cup Rice Cooker on Amazon. It is priced well, from an established manufacturer, and has good reviews.

Ambiano 20-Cup Rice Cooker Reviews

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Ambiano 20 rice cooker

Rated 5 out of 5
November 21, 2022

It’s a great rice cooker. It help to make a lot of rice for a big family. I love the size of it. I wish aldi would bring it back to their store. To purchase more other members of family or as gifts




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