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Ambiano Rotating Waffle Maker- Aldi


Aldi’s Kitchen Appliance Brand

In case you weren’t aware most of Aldi’s products are their own store brands, but they don’t just label everything “Aldi Brand”. Instead they have created a bunch of different brands for different product categories. For many of Aldi‘s kitchen appliances and gadgets the brand will be Ambiano.

These products are actually made by multiple different manufacturers and then branded as Ambiano for Aldi. This basically how it works for the majority of the products that Aldi carries. If it is not a brand name you recognize it is probably one of Aldi’s brands than you can only find from Aldi. This is one of the ways Aldi keeps the prices lower than other stores.

Ambiano Belgian Waffle Maker From Aldi

Ambiano: Cooking On a Budget

Aldi’s Ambiano brand appliances are generally sold at a nice discount compared to the name brand appliances and are often even cheaper than the off brands you would find on Amazon. The benefit of buying an Ambiano appliance from Aldi compared to many of these random brands on Amazon is you generally get a decent warranty and return policy backed by Aldi.

It is tough to compare the major brand appliances to Ambiano without having the same basic item from both and using them both equally for years to test their durability. Overall the quality of small kitchen appliances, even those from major brands, seems to have gone down over time and you generally don’t expect them to last forever. Based on that I would compare the features of an Ambiano appliance to a major brand and then compare the price and warranty. If the features you care about are pretty even, the warranty is close, and the price is better with the Ambiano I would probably give the Ambiano a try.

You can see some price and feature comparisons on this site like: Aldi Pressure Cooker vs Instant Pot, or Ambiano Belgian Waffle Maker.

Are Aldi’s appliances worth it? Generally they are going to be priced very competitively and the quality will be about the same as other store brands or the random brands you find on amazon but you will have Aldi’s warranty and return policy backing it up.

Ambiano Products

User Reviews Of Ambiano Products

To add your review of a Ambiano Product go to that product’s page on this site and leave a review there, it will show up on both the product’s page and on this page. If you have an product that isn’t on the site that you would like to leave a review for please Contact Us with the details and we will add a page for that product!

4.3 out of 5 stars (based on 12 reviews)
Very good8%


October 26, 2023

I purchased the blue set. There are two compartments on the outside for AAA batteries which equals 6 batteries for each. Once I loaded one, filled it with salt and turned it upside down I got nothing. On the inside of the battery well is a place where batteries are supposed to fit, four of them, but there is no size that will work. It will hold three AA batteries but there are prongs for 4 batteries and AAA batteries are too small for the compartment. I purchased these a few weeks ago and just tried to install them for the first time. I pray that I can find the receipt to return them.


Love this wafflemaker

June 25, 2023

I was given the double rotating waffle make for Christmas and it is a tremendous success! Not only can I make 2 waffles at once but it only takes 3 minutes to cook them! I do NOT use cooking spray and they absolutely don’t stick! Admittedly, I have only had it 6 months but I hope it lasts a long, long time!


Very satisfied

June 22, 2023

This has worked great and I use it all the time. I got it on clearance and decided it was time to try pressure cooking. I use it more than my crockpot now! It was a life saver during a power outage as it didnt tax our generator while cooking!



January 10, 2023

It’s terrible. Weak AF. 10/10 does not uncork a bottle


Love this set!

December 27, 2022

Bought as a gift for myself and love them! Plus the new set has LED lights at the bottom to see the portion being grinded.

Danelle P

First pressure cooker--love it!

October 24, 2022

I got this at a great price a few years ago on one of my first trips to our new Aldi. Not real big on ‘convenience’ appliances, but this one was a welcome addition to my kitchen. If I could get another one for the same price I paid for this one, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

ONE PROBLEM–looking for a REPLACEMENT POT…and so far, I’m coming up empty…I NEED IT DESPERATELY, but don’t see where I can get one, unless I try to match it up with antother brand of the same size (and hope it works).

HELP, please!


Review of the Ambiano double rotating Belgian waffle maker

October 9, 2022

Used it for the first time today. Very happy with the results. Had to leave a little longer to get browned and crisper. Will make a great Christmas gift.


Ambiano salt and pepper grinders

August 7, 2022

I bought these for my parents first $15. We previously invested in a $35 set from Amazon. This set is by far better quality and grinds the pepper to a consistent size while the Amazon purchase leaves us with big chunks of pepper. And the Ambiano set has a light. It was a great purchase!


Excellent option

June 17, 2022

The ambiano pressure cooker is an excellent choice to cook fast and super easy while you do the rest of the things at home. It preserves the good nutrients and taste of the food and when it comes to any kind of meat it makes it real soft


Ambiano Electric S&P Mills--what a great surprise find at Aldi's! Where can I get more?

March 30, 2022

The Ambiano Electric Salt and Pepper Mill Set was a fabulous <$20 bargain from Aldi's in Dec. I absolutely love, love, love them! I was very surprised to find the quality to be so good, especially for the price. You can adjust the grind however you like it and they even have a little light. The batteries last a long time even though they each take six AAA batteries.

Susan G

Adam @ Aldi

Adam is a home cook and Aldi fan who focuses on cooking easy, healthy, everyday meals for the family.



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