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Aldi Barissimo blueberry coffee pods

Barissimo Spring Flavor Coffee Cups

Aldi’s K-cup compatible coffee pods in new spring flavours

Aldi may not stock tons of brands and different flavors of coffee all the time but they do rotate in some interesting flavored coffees as seasonal and Aldi Find items. They do carry a good assortment of coffees on a regular basis including K-cup/pods, Organic, and cold brew coffee.

This spring we will see three flavors of Barissimo coffee pods/cups: Wild Blueberry Crumble, Honey Lavender, and Spring Blend. The will go on sale 5/18/2022 for just $3.68 for a 12 pack!

The Barissimo Coffee Cups from Aldi are for the single serve coffee pod/k-cup type coffee makers. They are labeled as 2.0 Brewer Compatible so I expect they are compatible with most Keurig and other cup/pod brewers including Aldi’s own Ambiano Single Serve Coffee Maker that was available a little while ago.

Aldi Product Code: 707046

Barissimo Wild Blueberry Crumble Coffee Cups

Aldi Barissimo blueberry coffee pods
Images Courtesy of ALDI

I’ve never had a cup of coffee and thought “I’d really like blueberry crumble mixed into my coffee” However I have had blueberry crumble and wished I had a cup of coffee (and some vanilla ice cream) on the side so maybe there is something to this flavor. I don’t have a Keurig or other single serve cup brewer so I won’t be testing this out but the price seems to be really good. One of the most popular blueberry flavoured coffee pods sells for $14.99 for a 24 pack or about $0.60 per pod. Aldi’s barissimo sell for just over $0.30 per pod so about half the price.

Barissimo Honey Lavender Coffee Cups

Aldi Honey Lavender Coffee Barissimo

Another flavour combination that I wouldn’t have thought up myself but seems like an interesting change of pace. I do occasionally add honey to my coffee if I want to sweeten it and I like the slight floral flavor that honey can add. If the lavender is not overpowering it could be a nice subtle flavor. If you miss out on this at Aldi there are not a lot of similar options on Amazon but I was able to find one other Honey Lavender Coffee Pod. Again It is over twice as expensive as the Barissimo coffee pods.

Barissimo Spring Blend Coffee Cups

Barissimo Spring Blend Coffee

The spring blend looks to be an unflavored blend of coffee beans so it would be a good option if you are like me and don’t generally enough the pre-flavored coffees. Again these look to be cheaper than most options out there. To get a similar price per pod you have to buy 80-100 pods at a time. The cheapest (with decent reviews) seems to be Amazon’s Brand that go for $0.29-$0.31 per pod but again you have to buy a pack of 100 so I hope you like them!

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