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Belavi pyramid chiminea wood burning fire pit chimney aldi

Belavi Wood-Burning Pyramid Chiminea

Aldi’s Modern Chiminea Outdoor Fire Pit

Aldi is continuing with their trend of offering big ticket outdoor items this spring and summer. Now they bring us the Belavi Pyramid Chiminea. This week’s Aldi Finds include the modern looking Belavi Pyramid Chiminea along with a more traditional looking Belavie Fire Pit with wood storage. They will also have one of the more expensive items I have seen at Aldi: the Belavi Patio Egg Chair. But let’s stick to the Belavi Pyramid Fire Pit for now.

This outdoor fireplace will be available the week of 6/15/22 for $179.99. This fireplace includes a built-in log storage area and comes with a PVC cover so you can always have some dry wood to get the fire going. This packages seems like it comes with everything you need to get started. In addition to the cover it also includes a poker and log grate.

Aldi has recently offered a patio furniture set and outdoor sectional along with a smokeless fire pit over the last few weeks plus a bunch of other garden, patio, and outdoor items. In 2023 there is another Belavi Outdoor Fire Pit style.

I have been seeing some of these bigger bulky items going on clearance recently so you may be able to pick them up for a great deal after they have been around for a while.

Belavi Pyramid Chiminea Details

  • Price: $179.99 (2022, price may vary)
  • Available the week of (6/15/2022)
  • Wood Burning Outdoor Fireplace
  • Steel construction for durability and sleek style
  • Powder-coated, rust-resistant steel for a finish that lasts
  • Modern minimalist chimenea will match any style
  • Included accessories: PVC cover, poker, and log grate
  • Built-in log storage area
  • Dimensions: 18.9 inch x 17.91 inch x 59.72 inch
  • Aldi Product Code: 706496
Belavi pyramid fireplace chiminea fire pit aldi
Images courtesy of Aldi

Is this minimalist chiminea a good deal?

There are a lot of options out there for outdoor fireplaces, firepits, and chimineas. I mean Aldi has given us three options in just two weeks. And Aldi isn’t where I normally go trying to find an outdoor firepit. Prices on these can range significantly especially when ordering such a bulky and often heavy item online. I was able to find a couple options around that price of $179.99. But Aldi does seem to have a fairly unique product this time so I wasn’t able to find an alternative that really matched the style and features. So if you really like how this looks I think you gotta scoop one up quick from Aldi. And spoiler alert: the price is pretty decent.

I found a nice minimalist option from Target for ten bucks less than Aldi’s version but it is a bit different. The style is more like a midcentury modern fireplace and looks very nice but does not have a storage area for the wood. It also does not list a cover, poker, or grate as being included so remember that when comparing prices.

If you want the pyramid look there weren’t a lot of options in the price range. If you don’t mind paying $400 more this Titan Great Outdoors Matterhorn Chiminea is an option. It is more industrial and heavy-duty looking than Aldi’s version.

Online I also found an option similar to target’s but with some nice copper accents. It is also a bit more expensive at the time of this writing but still reasonable at $220. It again has the rounded modern design with a little something more from the copper accents and rounded legs.

Finally you could go with the Bali Outdoors Chiminea which is the best selling option for chimineas at the time of this writing. It is priced about the same as Aldi’s version and has a bit more traditional shape. It may be more functional since you can see the fire from all sides but you lose out on the modern design.

Overall Aldi’s chiminea is a good price for a cool design.

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