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Crofton Barware Set

Furnish Your Entire Bar At Aldi [2022]

Crofton Barware Aldi Finds

Just saw the sneak peak for the Aldi Finds that will be released on November 23, 2022 and it is loaded with Crofton Barware. Aldi had a similar set of barware earlier this year (3/6/2022) and the style and prices are pretty similar but with some small changes.

If you are a fan of brass/gold you can get a pretty large set of nice, modern looking barware. Everything from a cocktail shaker to an ice bucket and drink tub. Most of the bar items are also available in a graphite (dark grey with slight metallic).

I’ve updated the prices, pictures, and dates for the new versions of Crofton Barware. A few of the old ones will be at the bottom because they didn’t release a similar option this time or they were different enough to have a separate section.

It looks like a good match to go with the Ambiano Electric Wine Set as well if you were able to pick one of those up. And of course with all this barware your are going to need some ice and Aldi has you covered with the Ambiano Countertop Ice Maker.

You can also pick up a Wine and Beverage Refrigerator at Aldi the same week (11/23/22).

Crofton Barware Set [$24.99]- 11/23/2022

Aldi Crofton Barware set
Images Courtesy of ALDI

This gold stainless steel or graphite colored barware set from Aldi includes a 26 oz shaker, a drink strainer, a jigger, a bar spoon, a bottle opener, and a stand to hold all the small instruments.

This looks like a pretty good deal as Target has a similar set that doesn’t include the shaker for $30 and there are a lot of options on Amazon but this one I found with a similar style and price is still over $30 and does not have a stand or bottle opener. The graphite set has all the same items with the gold parts replaced with the graphite color.

Crofton Ice Bucket [$16.99] -11/23/2022

Aldi Crofton Ice Bucket Brass/Gold

Aldi is making sure you can keep your cocktails cool with a handy ice bucket from Crofton. It has a similar gold or graphite finish that should match the rest of the barware set.

These ice buckets kind of fell out of style with most people having an ice maker on the fridge but they are still very handy if you are having a cocktail on the patio or to chill a bottle of wine at the table.

If this is double walled for insulation it looks like a pretty good deal. Target has a very similar looking option for $25 and Amazon doesn’t have a ton of options in this color. The best I found was this option which is quite a bit more expensive but it is listed as handmade in the USA so I would expect to pay a good bit more.

Crofton Beverage Tub [$19.99] -11/23/2022

Aldi Crofton Beverage Tub

If you are more of a beer, seltzer, or cider person this may be for you. Perfect for entertaining to keep bottles of beer or wine chilled and at hand. The sneak peak and Upcoming Aldi Finds page don’t list the size but it looks like it is pretty big since the picture shows 3-4 wine bottles plus 4 bottles of beer.

Without knowing the size of this drink tub it is hard to say for sure if it is a good deal but I don’t see any cheaper even in the smaller sizes. Again Target has the closest price and style with this $25 gold beverage tub but it has some bad reviews saying it leaks so I don’t think it would go with that one. There are plenty of silver and copper tubs on Amazon but not a lot of gold/brass colored drink tubs. The closest one I could find is about $60 right now and is a “champagne” colored tub with a hammered finish.

Crofton Gold Hammered Glass Wine & Champagne Glasses [$9.99] – 11/23/2022

Crofton Gold Rimmed Stemless Wine Glasses
Crofton Hammered Glass Wind Glasses
Crofton Gold Hammer Glass Champagne Glasses

The product page on doesn’t make it clear whether the $9.99 price is for a single glass or for a set. I would expect this price to be for a set of two but I am not positive on that.

Either way the Crofton Hammered Glass Champagne Flutes and Wine Glasses look really nice. These glasses are hand crafted hammered glass with a 18K gold rim and iridescent finish. I am not sure how you hammer glass but it looks like a unique, stylish finish.

Crofton Wine or Whiskey Decanter [$19.99]- 3/6/2022

A liquor decanter is not something I expect to see at Aldi everyday but these Aldi Finds can be surprising. This wine decanter is glass with a gold/brass colored aerator and a base of the same color. The Crofton Whisky Decanter is a slightly different shape and comes with a acacia wood stopper and base. If this is feels like good quality in-person it seems like a good deal at $19.99. The decanter has a 1.95L (65.93-oz.) capacity.

Aldi Wine or Whiskey Decanter

If this feels like decent quality in-person it is probably a decent price. You can go really expensive with decanters but others that look like similar quality seem to go for $25-$50. If you need one with some gold coloring but don’t like the Aldi decanter you could try this one for about $35 +shipping right now.

Crofton Crystal Wine and Cocktail Glasses [$9.99] 3/6/2022

Aldi’s Crystal Wine Glasses are (as usual) very affordable for what you get. Just $9.99 gets you a two pack of either wine or cocktail glasses. I would pick up at least 2 of whichever type you get so you have a matching set of at least 4 for guests or breakage.

Crystal wine or cocktail glasses are generally pretty expensive because they are higher quality than standard glass. Crystal is generally more durable due to higher mineral content meaning they can make the glass wall thinner. Crystal will also have a bit more of a sparkle because of the way it refracts light. I am generally seeing Crystal Wine glasses selling for at least $10 per glass so $9.99 for a 2-pack looks like a great deal. Here is a similar style German Made crystal wine glass 2-pack going for about $20 (as of this writing).

Crofton Moscow Mule Mugs [$8.99] -12/7/2022

Images Courtesy of ALDI

Moscow mules are generally served in copper mugs for various reasons. Some say it helps keep the drink cold and retain the carbonation better or even enhance the taste. Others say it is just a way to brand the drink or to sell copper mugs.

Typically the mugs are hammered copper but these mugs are smooth stainless steel colored gold, graphite, or rose gold. The “rose gold” seems to get pretty close to a traditional copper colored mug while the other two will match the other bar items.

This set of moscow mule mugs is a decent deal although you can get some hammer copper on Amazon for about $6 each instead of the $5 each from Aldi. If you want the smooth sided version it looks like you will pay a bit more. This set of two sells for quite a bit more but includes copper straws and wood coasters. So probably a good buy if you like the style.

Crofton Acacia Coasters [$8.99]

Crofton Acacia Coasters

While these don’t have any gold/brass accents like the rest of the barware set they should still go well with the others on this page since they are pretty neutral looking. You will get four 4 inch wood and/or stone coasters for $8.99. You can choose from Round Acacia Bark, Square Acacia Bark, Square Acacia with White Marble, Full Marble Hexagon or Square Acacia with Black Marble. Looks like a decent price for if you like the style and the look and feel like good quality in the store.

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