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Aldi double walled coffee espresso mugs

Crofton Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs

Crofton Glass Coffee and Espresso Mugs From Aldi

Crofton double wall Espresso Mugs

Keep an eye out in the Aldi Finds aisle for the Crofton Glass Coffee Mugs or Espresso Mugs. They will be coming out 3/13/2022 or 3/16/2022 depending on your location.

During that same time Aldi will be bringing out a bunch of coffee related items including the Ambiano single-serve coffee maker and the Crofton Glass French Press.

Perfect for drinking your favorite Barissimo Coffee or trying out the new Ambiano Espresso Machine.

  • Price: $11.99
  • Get either a 2-Pack of Coffee Mugs or a 4-Pack of smaller Espresso Mugs
  • Double walled glass means your drink with stay hot (or cold) longer
  • Coffee Mugs have a 14-oz. capacity
  • Espresso Mugs have a 3.5-oz. capacity

These look to be double walled glass mugs meaning they will be insulated so your coffee will stay warm longer. Another bonus is if you have a cold drink it shouldn’t have as much condensation. You can get either a 2 pack of the coffee mugs or a 4 pack of espresso cups for $11.99.

That may not seem like a good deal for a couple of coffee mugs at first but if you want to get something similar (double walled glass) you will probably end up paying $20-30 for two coffee mugs on Amazon. Bodum is the name brand with this type of product and you will have to pay $30 on Amazon right now for a 2 pack. Of course you can go with a non-name brand version with good reviews but even that will cost $20 for two mugs.

Crofton Glass Coffee Mugs and Espresso Cups Reviews

Please include whether your review is for the coffee version or the espresso version and the year you purchased in the title.

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Great Coffee Mug

Rated 5 out of 5
March 31, 2022

I got 1 pkg. of 2 to try. I love the mug and my coffee really does stay hot longer. I have now gotten some of these for Christmas presents.




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