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Deutsche Küche Mango Pepper Herring Fillets

Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets

Aldi Herring Fillets in Three Unique Sauces

One of the more unusual options during Aldi’s German Week is the Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets in Sauce. The available September 21st, 2022 for just $1.69 per can.

They are available in three different sauces: tomato sauce, pineapple curry sauce, and mango pepper sauce. At just $1.69 per can it may be worth trying all three if you are a canned fish fan or just curious!

While I wouldn’t be too surprised to see herring or pickled herring in Germany I wouldn’t expect pineapple curry or mango pepper sauces.

These are a very popular product during German week at least for some people. It got more votes than I expected when asking reddit for the most popular German Week products.

I have also seen that some people stock up shelves full of these canned herring fillets to hold them over between German Weeks.

Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets Sauces

Herring in Mango Pepper

Deutsche Küche Mango Pepper Herring Fillets

Herring in Tomato Sauce

Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce

Herring Pineapple Curry

deutsche kuche pineapple curry herring fillets

Images Courtesy of ALDI

Aldi Canned Herring Details

  • Price: $1.69
  • Available: 9/21/2022
  • Size: 7.05 ounces (200 grams)
  • MSC certified (Marine Stewardship Council) Sustainable
  • Wild caught
  • Flavor Options:
  • Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce
  • Herring Fillets in Mango Pepper Sauce
  • Herring Fillets in Pineapple Curry Sauce
  • Aldi Product Code: 808133
Canned Herring Fillets Aldi

Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets Reviews

Rated 4.5 out of 5
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Excellent Product for a great price

Rated 5 out of 5
January 17, 2023

The “Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets” taste so great. My family and my friends in the US are so glad to buy these products. Unfortunately, we could no longer buy them in any ALDIs in Southern California.

Joseph T

Herring In Curry Pineapple Sauce

Rated 4 out of 5
December 2, 2022

I love it! The fish is big. The sauce is a little sweet with tiny pineapple pieces in it. Not spicy at all. Would be awesome over rice.




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