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Aldi Collapsible Laundry Basket- Easy Home

Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket

Aldi Collapsible Laundry Basket

This Easy Home Laundry Basket features a collapsible design to save space and make it easy to carry. If you are like me you have a bunch of laundry baskets that end up piling up when not being used with no good place to store them. With this Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket you can tuck away your flat basket easily. It will be a available as an Aldi Find for $14.99 the week of August 3rd, 2022.

The Aldi Collapsible Laundry Basket itself opens up to hold 1.65 bushels (don’t hear that measurement often) or about 58 liters. When fully opened it has a height of 10.7 inches and collapses down to just 3.6 inches. It is available in light or dark grey with white. I wish they would have kept the collapsing part white or the basket part grey so it would be a solid color instead of the zebra look it has going on. But that is just my preference.

EasyHome Collapsing Laundry Basket

  • Price: $14.99 (2022, prices may vary)
  • Available: 8/3/2022
  • Colors: Dark Gray or Light Gray
  • Collapsed Dimensions: 24.2 inch L x 17.7 inch W x 3.6 inch H
  • Opened Dimensions : 24.2 inch L x 17.7 inch W x 10.7 inch H
  • 1.65 bushels (58 L)
  • Designed to allow for airflow
  • Easy grab handles
  • Aldi Product Code: 56371
Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Is It A Good Deal?

Checking online I didn’t find a collapsible laundry basket that was as large as the Easy Home Collapsible Laundry basket. The biggest one that I found was very slightly smaller and made by Brookstone. The Design is a bit different but overall should be pretty similar although just slightly smaller. A very popular option would be the SAMMART 41L Collapsible Plastic Laundry Basket which is smaller than Aldi’s but very well reviewed. A bonus with this one is it does not have holes so it can be used as a small wash tub as well. That could be a downside if you prefer the airflow going through for damp or dirty laundry.

Price of the Competition

It does look like the Easy Home Laundry Basket is a pretty good deal. If you get one let us know how you like it by leaving a review below!

Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5
5 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Love this laundry badkey

Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2023

It’s huge, very durable, and collapses for easy storage. What else can I say? I do wish I could find some more like it instead of waiting for Aldi to maybe run them again in 2023.




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