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Aldi Gardenline Grow Light

Gardenline Dual-Head Plant Grow Light

Aldi will be bringing back the Gardenline Dual-Head Plant grow light again for the 2023 season with a significant price cut. This looks like the same model of grow light that was available in 2022 but the price is going down from $34.99 to $16.99! That is a big drop and puts this into a much more affordable price range.

2023 Garden line Grow Light Details

  • Price: $16.99 (2023)
  • Includes interchangeable solid base or desk clip
  • 360° flexible gooseneck to adjust the light placement
  • Can be used for indoor plants, flowers or vegetables
  • Full-spectrum lights include: red, blue, red/blue for seeding, vegetative growth and flowering/budding
  • Automatic on/off timer
  • Nine dimming levels
  • Product Code: 706124

Aldi Gardenline Plant Grow Light 2022

  • Price: $34.99 each (2022)
  • 40 LED
  • 10 Watts
  • Includes interchangeable solid base or desk clip to mount to a table or shelf
  • 360° flexible gooseneck to allow each head to be used in various positions
  • For indoor plants, flowers and vegetables
  • Full spectrum lights include red, blue, red/blue for seeding, vegetative growth and flowering/budding
  • Auto ON/OFF timer
  • Nine different dimming levels
  • View this and other Aldi Finds at Aldi.US
  • Check Instacart before you go to get an idea if an Aldi Find is in stock yet.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • After Sales Support: 1-888-280-7088 (US) or [email protected]

Keep all those Aldi houseplants happy with this Aldi plant light!

Aldi Gardenline Grow Light Back of Box
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If you are a person who can’t help themselves when Aldi has houseplants for sale this it for you. Are running out of space by that sunny window? Do your houseplants look weak and sickly? A lack of sunlight is often the cause of weak or dying indoor plants. A grow light like this can really make a big difference.

Jumpstart your vegetable garden with the Gardenline Plant Light

Starting vegetables from seeds indoors can be very difficult and the main reason is a lack of strong light. Even in a nice sunny windowsill most vegetables will get leggy trying to stretch out to get more light. Adding an artificial grow light is an easy way to get those vegetables or flowers to start healthy and strong.

Aldi Grow Light
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Is the Gardenline Light a good deal?

Aldi has generally had some good garden deals, but this may not be one of them at the current price. These types of lights are pretty common online and some have a lot of good reviews at lower prices. One of the well reviewed brands is Juhefa which has a model that is very similar to the Aldi Gardenline model.

The big difference seems to be the Aldi grow light has 40 LED and 10 watts while the Juhefa has 60 LEDs and a max of 60 Watts. Watts is just a measure of power use and may not be a great indicator of light output however because Aldi’s grow light could be more efficient at producing the same amount of light.

I have not been able to find an actual measure of the light output of either product for a true comparison. Here is some info for how to determine what grow light meets your needs: UMN Indoor Grow Light. The second difference between the two, is Aldi’s light comes with an interchangeable base so it can clip-on or just sit on a flat surface. The Juhefa version looks like it is only clip-on for the base.

Beyond that one dual-head light there are other models that offer 3-4 heads at about the same price. The 3-4 head models for the same price get to 75-80W for around the same price. This will give you more light for your money. I am not an expert in plant grow lights but I expect having 75 watts is going to give you better results than the 10 watts from the Gardenline grow light.

Here are some of the alternatives I was able to find online that may be better deals.

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