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Gardenline four tier greenhouse

Gardenline Drop-Over or 4-Tier Greenhouse

Aldi’s Super Affordable Mini Greenhouse

Check the Aldi Finds aisle the week of April 12th, 2023 for one of the cheapest greenhouses out there. Aldi will have two different Gardenline Greenhouses available, the drop-over or four-tier. These two options are going to be smaller than the Gardenline Walk-In Greenhouse that was available recently but still have decent space for growing.

The drop-over greenhouse is a cold frame style greenhouse that could be added on top of an existing garden bed to let you extend the growing season or protect plants after transplanting outside.

Aldi Greenhouse
Images Courtesy of ALDI

The four-tier greenhouse includes four shelves, each with a twenty two pound weight limit. The four-tier greenhouse would be great as a way to start your plants in pots or trays when it would still be too cold to start them in the ground.

If you missed out on these Aldi is bringing back the Aldi Walk-In Greenhouse for $49.99.

Gardenline Four-tier Greenhouse Details

  • Price: $24.99 (2023, prices may vary)
  • Available: 4/12/23
  • 4-Tier Greenhouse Dimensions: approximately 5.24′ x 2.28′ x 1.67′
  • Includes four shelves
  • 22 pound weight limit per shelf
  • 4-Tier Greenhouse gives seeds, seedlings and young plants an early start
  • Protects garden from pests and weather 
  • Roll up flap with zips and ties for easy access and ventilation
  • Easy assembly, no tools needed
  • Reinforced greenhouse cover and powder-coated steel frame
  • Three-year warranty
  • Aldi Product Code: 811183
Gardenline four tier greenhouse
Images courtesy of ALDI

Gardenline Drop-Over Greenhouse

  • Price: $24.99 (2023, prices may vary)
  • Available: 4/12/23
  • Drop-Over Greenhouse dimensions: 4.5′ x 4.5′ x 3′
  • Protects garden from pests and weather
  • Perfect for covering in-ground plants or plants in pot/trays 
  • Roll up flap with zips and ties for easy access and ventilation
  • Easy no tool assembly
  • Reinforced cover and powder-coated steel frame
  • Three-year warranty
  • Aldi Product Code: 811183
gardenline drop over greenhouse aldi cold frame

Are they a good deal?

Both of these greenhouses from Aldi seem like pretty good deals. Looking online I was able to find similar style mini greenhouses for around $40-50. There are plenty of options online if you need a specific size, shape, or style but I am just looking for the ones that seem closest to the Gardenline greenhouses.

First for the four shelf greenhouse I found a lot of different options ranging from $40-50 and the Ohuhu mini greenhouse seemed to be the best combination of good reviews and price.

For the drop-over greenhouse I wasn’t able to find one that matched the same dimensions but the Quictent Mini Greenhouse is a similar overall size and looks to be a decent price. It seems like you can get longer versions without spending a lot more so they are the best price per square foot but only if you need more space.

Bestseller No. 1
Gardzen Mini Greenhouse Heavy Duty Portable Green House, Clear Tent Indoor or Outdoor for Plants…
  • Portable Mini Greenhouse – Measuring 36.2”(L)x36.2”(W)x42.5”(H), the cold frame is perfect for growing plants from patios and balconies to porches, gardens and rooftop terraces, also can be used…
  • PVC Cover – The PVC thick cover allows your plants to absorb sunlight for keeping warm and photosynthesis. It is waterproof, UV and weather resistant, providing special temperature and other growing…
  • Sturdy Frame – High quality steel framework is heavy duty to protect plants against extreme weather. Easy to setup and use with no tools assembly required. The clear cover should be tied to the frame…
Bestseller No. 2
Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse-4-Tier Indoor Outdoor Sturdy Portable Shelves-Grow Plants, Seedlings,…
  • 4-TIER MINI GREENHOUSE WITH DURABLE SHELVING – The four sturdy greenhouse shelves are 27-inches-wide, have 14-inches of height spacing, and hold up to 24lbs each to provide ample room for trays, pots,…
  • OUTDOOR OR INDOOR GREENHOUSE WITH CLEAR PVC COVER – This versatile small greenhouse has a clear cover with a roll-up door, helping you create an ideal growing environment for your plants and protect…
  • TOOL-FREE ASSEMBLY, REMOVABLE LOCKING CASTERS – The best small greenhouse for indoors should be both easy to move and fix in place, just like this portable greenhouse. Its greenhouse frame and shelves…
Bestseller No. 3
Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse for Indoor Outdoor, Small Plastic Plant Green House 4-Tier Rack Stand Portable…
  • Four-Tier Construction: Each greenhouse comes with 4 shelves, measuring 24.4×17.3inch and holding up to 22lbs. Better still, each shelf is equipped with a patented fixed clip for ultimate stability….
  • Tough & Durable: Possessed with elector-coating, the tubes are tough, sturdy and rustproof. Made of premium PE, the eco-friendly outer cover with the great light transmission is non-toxic, corrosion…
  • Roll-up Zippered Door: The Ohuhu Mini Greenhouse is designed with a zippered roll-up door for easy access and optimum air circulation. Screened ventilation helps block out some annoying little animals…

Overall Aldi’s Gardenline Mini Greenhouses are both good deals. They are about half the price of what I was able to find online and they come with a three year warranty.

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