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Aldi Huntington Home Robotic Floor Duster Cleaner

Huntington Home Robotic Floor Duster

Aldi Robot Floor Duster

Check out this little robot duster on 12/21/22 in the Aldi Finds aisle. The Huntington Home Robotic Floor Duster is not a robot vacuum like a Roomba but instead has a dusting pad attached to the bottom. This does not have vacuum suction or a spinning sweeping arm instead it is just a dusting pad on the bottom. Think of this as an automatic Swiffer that doesn’t cost much more than a regular swiffer.

At just under $20 including reusable and disposable cleaning pads this seems like it could be a great deal. At this price I don’t expect it to be great with navigating around the house. I am guessing that it just bumps into a wall and turns until it can move again. That means it may not get every little spot but if I would just use this as a way to keep the floor clean, not as a deep cleaning tool.

I assume that this little guy can’t be scheduled and doesn’t have a charging dock that it can use to charge itself. At this price it might be handy enough to just let it run around the house every other day while doing the dishes or something to keep the floor decently clean. I would still expect I would need to vacuum/sweep/mop on top of this thing but I may be able to go a little longer in-between cleanings.

Aldi Robotic Floor Duster Sweeper-Huntington Home
Images courtesy of ALDI

Huntington Home Robotic Floor Duster Details

  • Price: $19.99 (12/2022- prices may vary)
  • Available: 12/21/2022 (previously available 5/11/2022)
  • Robot duster navigates automatically
  • Reusable and disposable cleaning and dusting pads included
  • Attracts and retains hair, dust and dirt
  • Two timer settings for room size
  • Aldi Product Code: 705944
Aldi Robotic Floor Duster
Huntington Home
Images Courtesy of ALDI

Is the Huntington Home Robotic Duster a good deal?

This is a harder product to do a direct comparison because there are not many similar floor dusters on the market. It seems like if you want a robotic floor duster like this one you will have to get it from Aldi or pick up a used or older model on eBay.

It looks like there was a couple options in the past that don’t seem to be widely available anymore. I found the O-Cedar O-Duster and the Swiffer Auto Sweeping System but neither seem to be produced anymore or they are not widely available online.

So instead of comparing to direct competitors I will compare it to the alternatives: a manual Swiffer Sweeper, the iRobot Braava Jet 240 and a low priced robot vacuum.

VS iRobot Braava Jet 240

First I’ll look at the closest direct competitor; the iRobot Braava Jet 240. This is very similar to the Huntington Home Robotic Sweeper but it also does wet mopping by spraying water on the floor as it goes. The cleaning pad vibrates to gently scrub the floors when using the wet mopping or damp sweeping modes. It can also dry sweep like the Aldi robot duster if desired. It is also $180 right now so it is much more expensive but has more features.

The iRobot will also navigate with a bit more precision (I assume) by remembering where obstacles are, slowing down around furniture/walls, can be set to stay in a certain room, and avoids stairs and carpet. The iRobot brand is the maker of the Roomba I would expect the iRobot to outperform the Huntington Home Robot duster. With it I would expect you can avoid a lot of manual cleaning while the Aldi version is just going to pick up dust and hair.

VS Swiffer Sweeper

The second and probably the closest competitor is the manual swiffer sweeper. This sweeper is so popular you probably already have one tucked away with your cleaning supplies. You can pick it up for $15-$20 with a pack a dusting pads and you have the option to use it with wet mopping pads as well. I think this is probably a better option for most people since it is usually pretty quick to go through a room with the swiffer and get a quick dusting/sweeping done.

The times I think the Aldi Robotic Duster would come in handy is if you spend a lot of time swiffering already because you have a lot of hard floors or you have pets. If I had pets that shed a decent amount of hair the Huntington Home Robotic Floor Duster would probably come in handy to pick up some of the hair every day. You still have to remember to run it and keep the floor picked up but it could save you from having socks full of hair everyday without spending much.

VS OKP K3 Robot Vacuum

If you really want your floors cleaned automatically you probably are going to want to spend a bit more and get a robot vacuum. The iRobot Roomba is the go to if you are willing to spend a bit more. The Roomba has been around a while and has a lot of different models and options. If you really want fully automatic floor cleaning you can get one that can be scheduled to clean automatically, charge itself, and even empty itself. Going all out with a $1000+ high end Roomba probably isn’t a fair comparison so let’s look at a cheaper option.

The OKP K3 Robot Vacuum is just above $80 right now and has decent reviews on Amazon. It is still a good amount more than the Huntington Home robot but it is a bit more versatile. It can vacuum and dust/mop (no water tank) and will automatically go back to the charging station when it needs to charge. You can start it with an app or Alexa/Google Home but I wasn’t able to find if you can schedule it to clean on certain days/times. This also can work on carpet (if the dusting pad is removed) and can go over small bumps/inclines like transition pieces on the floor and avoid stairs so it won’t tumble down. At this price the OKP K3 is probably one of the best options if you want an automatic floor cleaner that does a bit more than Aldi’s while still staying on a budget.

Reviews of Huntington Home Robotic Floor Duster

2.7 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good0%

Pet owners will appreciate it

July 11, 2023

If you have a pet, you’d love it. Our bed is to heavy to move and works great for picking up gobs of dust bunnies under it. Works like a Swiffer Sweeper


Huntington home robotic floor duster

January 14, 2023

Piece of garbage. The person who invent this need their head to be examine?


Zero stars

November 21, 2022

AC/DC charge burned out (could smell the burning) after a couple of months. It won’t turn on any more.

Zsa S

Great for in-between

September 25, 2022

This isn’t a comparable item to the $$$ dollar ones out there but great for inbetween cleanings. I have a cat that sheds so bad I could make a kitten every day. I let this thing go and it picks up most of the hair rolling around the floor. What it doesn’t pick up it pushes with it so it clumps up and I can pick up together. The only bad thing is I can’t find any replacement dust pads to order.


Won’t run after second use.

July 12, 2022

Got stuck by the fridge. Blue light is on. Won’t run, won’t charge.


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