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Priano Bronze Cut

Priano Bronze Cut Pasta

Aldi Bronze Cut Pasta

A few times a year Aldi brings in Priano Bronze cut pasta and it is some of the best dry pasta you can get for your money. Bronze cut pasta is slightly different from the more modern pastas we usually find on store shelves. It uses a more traditional methods that leaves the pasta with a little rougher texture, which is great for soaking up sauce. The difference in texture is due using a more expensive traditional bronze die instead of the modern teflon die that leaves the pasta super smooth.

Aldi is offering a few different varieties of bronze cut long pasta as an Aldi Find soon (2/23/22-03/01/22). This time they are bringing out Bucatini at all locations and Chitarra, Linguine, or Fettucce as some locations. Priano Bronze Cut Short Pastas are also available right now and they have Conchiglie, Casarecce, and Rigatoni pastas.

Aldi Bronze Cut Pasta

Priano Bronze Cut Bucatini

Aldi’s Bronze Cut Bucatini will be in stores for $1.49 each for a 16 oz package. Bucatini pasta is a bit thicker than spaghetti and it is hollow. Bucatini can be used wherever you would use spaghetti or linguine but it is especially good for soaking up rich velvety sauces like carbonara. Looking at bucatini you would think it is just regular spaghetti or just a thicker spaghetti but if you look at the end there should be a small hole that runs the entire length. This tube combined with the rougher bronze cut exterior will give the Priano Bucatini great sauce holding power.

Priano Bronze Cut Linguine

Linguine is a more common pasta shape than the others on this page. Linguine is similar to spaghetti but it is flat instead of round. I like using linguine in dishes than have a thick cream sauce or in seafood dishes like shrimp linguine. Aldi’s Bronze Cut Pasta will be available for $1.29 per 16oz package. The bronze cut linguine can be used anywhere you would use standard linguine but it will hold on to your sauce just a little bit more.

Priano Bronze Cut Chitarra

Aldi Bronze Cut Chitarra will be selling for $1.29 per 16 oz package. Chitarra is not a pasta you will commonly see on the shelves of most US grocery stores but it is similar to spaghetti. In fact another common name for it is spaghetti alla chitarra, which translates roughly to “guitar spaghetti”. They get this name from traditional implement that was used to cut the chitarra; a frame with thin wires that resembles a string instrument. This “guitar” is what give the chitarra it’s unique square cross section. You can think of chitarra as square spaghetti. You can use chitarra where you would normally use spaghetti but it really shines with thick heart sauces.

Priano Bronze Cut Fettucce

Fettucce is another uncommon pasta on Aldi’s shelves but, as you might have guessed, it is similar to fettuccine. The primary difference between the two is fettucce is going to be a bit wider than fettuccine. You can use Fettucce in place of fettuccine when you want something a bit thicker, with more surface to soak up the sauce. Again this is a bronze cut pasta meaning it will be a bit rougher, helping the sauce to stick. Aldi Bronze Cut Fettucce is priced at $1.29 for a 16oz package.

Priano Bronze Cut Conchiglie

Aldi’s Conchiglie is may be a fancy bronze cut italian pasta but you probably know it by another name: shells. Yep the traditional conchiglie is actually pretty well known in America as shells or seashell pasta. This is the perfect pasta for holding onto a lot of sauce and in America it is associated most with cheese sauce and mac and cheese. Priced at $1.29 per 1 pound bag.

Priano Bronze Cut Casarecce

Casarecce is not a very common pasta in the US but it is becoming more popular. These Casarecce from Aldi are short pieces of pasta that are rolled on themselves and slightly twisted. The shape makes them great for holding onto sauce and they are traditionally with a minced meat ragu but also go well with a tomato sauce or vegetables. Priced at $1.29 per 1 pound bag.

Priano Bronze Cut Rigatoni

Aldi’s Bronze Cut Rigatoni is a bit more common pasta variety. It is one of the bigger short tube pastas. A bit bigger than penne or ziti and can be used in similar dishes. Rigatoni is going to work well in baked dishes and with heavy sauces. It is a big thick noodle that will hold up in a heavy sauce or in a baked dish. This bronze cut rigatoni is selling for just $1.29 per bag.

How does Priano Bronze Cut Pasta Compare?

Aldi Bronze cut pasta looks like a steal compared to prices of other popular brands on Amazon. You may be able to get close to the price if you are buying 10+ pounds at a time but even then the price per oz seems close to double what you pay at Aldi.

Looking at the Aldi Bronze Cut Bucatini at about $0.09 per ounce and comparing it to Garofalo No. 14 Bucatini or Rustichella d’Abruzzo Bucatini on Amazon, both of which are over $0.30 per ounce and you have to buy 2+ packs. The Garafalo comes down to $0.18/ounce if you buy a 6 pack. Still about double Aldi’s bucatini.

It looks like the bronze cut pasta at Aldi is another great Aldi Find deal!

Priano Bronze Cut Long Pasta Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

Priano Bronze Cut Chitarra

June 8, 2023

Amazing taste! I could not find it again and was disappointed!! Never want other pasta!


Great Pasta at a good price

December 15, 2022

Very high quality pasta that really holds onto the sauce well and has a great texture. Just as easy to cook as regular pasta but it really makes a meal feel high end.


amazing deal

March 8, 2022

I got some of the bronze cut pasta on a whim, and I am never going back! bronze cut pasta will hold sauce much better and has a better bite to it. this is soooo much cheaper than other brands!


Adam @ Aldi

Adam is a home cook and Aldi fan who focuses on cooking easy, healthy, everyday meals for the family.



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