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Aldi Parmesan Chicken Tenders price

ALDI Summer Surprise: Price Reductions on Over 250 Items

ALDI Price Reductions: A Shopper’s Delight This Summer

As an avid ALDI shopper, I’m thrilled to share some exciting news. ALDI is slashing prices on over 250 items this summer, aiming to save Americans more than $60 million. This ALDI price reduction is a testament to their commitment to providing quality food and essentials at the lowest prices possible.

The price reductions span across popular summer items, ensuring that our summer plans aren’t disrupted by high grocery prices. From trail mix and beef jerky for our outdoor adventures to cheese and almonds for our picnic baskets, ALDI is making sure we can enjoy life outside the grocery aisle.

Here are some of the biggest price reductions that caught my eye:

  • Southern Grove Trail Mix: Was $2.79, Now $2.19
  • Simply Nature Organic Beef Jerky: Was $4.49, Now $3.99
  • Elevation Protein Energy Bars: Was $5.49, Now $4.99
  • Emporium Selection Havarti Cheese 8oz: Was $2.99, Now $2.49
  • Southern Grove Oven Roasted Almonds: Was $5.19, Now $4.19
  • Berryhill Honey: Was $6.99, Now $6.19
Emporium Selection Havarti Cheese
Images Courtesy of ALDI

These price reductions are not just limited to snacks. ALDI is also reducing prices on quick dinner options like Whole and Simple Chicken Quinoa Bowls (Was $3.49, Now $3.19) and Kirkwood Parmesan Chicken Tenders (Was $9.49, Now $8.49).

As ALDI shoppers, we can now enjoy our favorite items at unbeatable prices, further establishing ALDI as the low-price leader in the communities it serves. This summer, let’s make the most of these savings and enjoy the season to the fullest.

Top Aldi Price Cuts: Summer 2023

Aldi didn’t release the whole list of 250 products but here are some of the top price reductions they did tell us about. I see some solid price cuts on popular products so lets hope the rest of the 250 price cuts are similar.

ProductOld PriceNew Price
Southern Grove Trail Mix$2.79$2.19
Simply Nature Organic Beef Jerky$4.49$3.99
Elevation Protein Energy Bars$5.49$4.99
Southern Grove Pistachios$5.69$5.19
Emporium Selection Havarti Cheese 8oz$2.99$2.49
Southern Grove Oven Roasted Almonds$5.19$4.19
Simms Sliced Salami 1 lb$6.49$5.99
Berryhill Honey$6.99$6.19
Millville Protein Crunchy Granola$3.69$2.99
Barissimo Almond Coffee Creamer$3.89$3.45
Whole & Simple Breakfast Bites$5.49$5.09
Simply Nature Organic Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee$6.49$6.19
Whole and Simple Chicken Quinoa Bowls$3.49$3.19
Bremer Angus Cheeseburger Melt$5.49$4.99
Fremont Fish Market Value Pack Tilapia Fillets$8.99$8.19
Kirkwood Parmesan Chicken Tenders$9.49$8.49
Aldi Parmesan Chicken Tenders price
Images Courtesy of ALDI

While Aldi doesn’t make a big announcement when it raises prices, shrinks portions, or changes recipes, it is nice to see some items getting a nice little price reduction. Hopefully this trend continues and we can get back closer to those pre-inflation numbers.

Adam @ Aldi

Adam is a home cook and Aldi fan who focuses on cooking easy, healthy, everyday meals for the family.



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