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Top Aldi German Week Foods According to Redditors

I Asked R/ALDI Users: What are your favorite Aldi German Week Foods?

If you are a big Aldi Fan you should check out r/aldi over on reddit. It is a great place to find out great deals and recipe ideas. I asked the good people at r/aldi to vote on their favorite Aldi German Week Finds. I first asked people to list their favorites and upvote the best items in this post.

After the initial round of gathering favorites and upvotes I took the top six (the most that fits) and created this Reddit Poll. The votes are in and here are Reddit’s favorite German Week Foods from r/aldi.

Top German Items at Aldi
Reddit Top German Week Foods

Reddit Top German Week Food: Bavarian Soft Pretzels

Aldi Soft Pretzels deutsche kuche
Images Courtesy of ALDI

One of my personal favorites as well, the Bavarian Soft Pretzels just squeezed past the spatzle to take the top spot. You will find these in the freezer aisle and they typically come in either pretzel sticks or traditional pretzel shape. Great with some German Mustard.

The Runner Up: Spätzle (or Spaetzle)

Deutsche Küche Garlic Sage AldiSpätzle

Coming in just five votes behind soft pretzels, Spaetzle takes second place. Aldi generally sells both dry spaetzle and frozen, pre-sauced Spätzle. I did not separate the two apart for this vote. This was a tight race between first and second place. This is one of those Aldi products I just haven’t gotten around to try yet but the next German Week is coming up so I may need to give it a shot.

Third Place: Frozen German Cakes

Aldi Indulgent Cakes

Aldi’s Frozen German Cakes Took 3rd place but they had a little advantage. The Marzipan, Mousse and Indulgent Cakes were combined into one option for the final vote. This means that any flavour of those three varieties were all combined into one. While this may not have been the fairest way to vote I do think that these cakes deserve to be in the top three.

Fourth Place: Jaffa Cakes

Aldi Deutsche Küche Orange Jaffa Cake

While Jaffa Cakes may not have originated in Germany these Deutsche Kuche Cakes were imported from Germany. They came in a respectable 4th place and from what I hear they are one of the cheaper ways to get good Jaffa Cakes in the US. I tried Jaffa Cakes for the first time this year and I thought they were just ok. I think they are probably good Jaffa Cakes but the combination of chocolate and jelly isn’t my favorite. Well worth a try if you’re curious however.

Fifth Place: Spritz Cookies

Deutsche Kuche Almond Spritz Cookies

Spritz Cookies are one of my favorite holiday cookies but I haven’t tried Aldi’s Spritz cookies just yet. They were good enough to make it in the top five Reddit German Week Foods (at least according to redditors at r/aldi). These cookies are a shortbread base and may be dipper or drizzled with chocolate and other toppings.

Sixth Place: Potato Sticks

Deutsche Küche Herbs of the Alps Potato Sticks

This humble little snack stick was a surprise entrant into the top six and although it was last place in this poll it still made it into the top six overall. I haven’t tried these myself but they seem to be one of those items that people want to pick up each time they come around. The potato sticks even things out with three savory and three sweet items making it into the top six overall.

What Are Your Top Aldi German Week Items?

Do you have a favorite German Week Food that you stock up on each time it comes around? Let us know in the comments below or go leave a review on that items page! Just search for your favorite in the search bar and leave a review at the bottom of that item’s page. If you don’t see your favorite let us know in the comments or by sending us a message!



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