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Rise nitro cold brew oat milk coffee aldi

Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

I stumbled across cans of the Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee at Aldi last week for $2.49 per 7 oz can. If I remember correctly they were in the coffee/tea section not the Aldi Finds section. I don’t remember them being listed in any of the Aldi Find ads either. They may be just a random addition to the Aldi coffee aisle they are testing for a limited time or they may be a seasonal item.

Rise Nitro Oat Milk Coffee

  • Price: $2.49 (2022, price may vary)
  • 7oz can
  • Flavors: Mocha, Vanilla, Latte
  • Organic, non-gmo, dairy-free, vegan
Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (oat milk)at Aldi

At my local Aldi they had three flavors available and they were all organic oat milk nitro cold brews. They had mocha, vanilla, and latte flavors at the time.

All were organic, dairy free, non-gmo, and vegan if any of those things are important to you. I picked up a few to test out and I have tried the mocha and latte flavors.

Overall I thought they were pretty tasty and worth trying especially if you avoid dairy for any reason. For context I drink black coffee almost exclusively so these would not be something I buy for myself regularly since they are sweetened and have oat milk.

I don’t typically add any sweetner/milk/creamer to my coffee but I do like nitro coffees and cold brew coffees. I am hoping that they bring in the Rise Original Black Nitro Cold Brew coffee so I can try that since it is more to my taste.

The price is on the high end for a 7oz coffee/latte but probably cheaper than getting a small latte type drink at Starbucks. I am comparing the price to the coffee I make at home so it is tough to beat that price.

You could also make something similar since you can buy Cold brew coffee at Aldi and Aldi has oat milk that is pretty popular as well. I am sure that would come out cheaper per ounce but you would miss out on the nitro and convenience.

Rise Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Coffee vs La Columbe Nitro Cold Brew

My only direct comparison would be La Columbe Nitro Cold Brew which I liked a little bit more than the Rise. Primarily I liked the Triple Latte since it had more of a coffee flavor than the Mocha or Vanilla that they also offer.

Again it is not a really cheap product although I bought it from Costco for around $18 for a 12 pack of 9 oz cans I think. I would like to get the black coffee versions of either of these to compare because that would be something I may drink more often.

I think the Rise Oat Milk Nitro Cold Brew is a pretty good alternative to the La Columbe Nitro Cold Brew if you are avoiding dairy.

Rise Nitro Cold Brew at Aldi

Rise has a couple varieties that I didn’t find at Aldi this time but I hope to try out in the future. Both the Rise Black Nitro Cold Brew and the Rise London Fog Nitro Oat Milk Latte sound like they would be good and I would give them a try.

I am excited to see this nitro cold brew at Aldi and I hope it comes around again with other flavors to try. Even with just the current flavours I would pick it up at least occasionally for my family members that like lattes and other coffee drinks. I would probably keep some of the Rise Black Nitro Coffee around if it became available just for a special treat or quick coffee on the go. Lets see if it stick around at Aldi.

If you can’t find it at your local Aldi you can order it online and it may be available at other retailers since it is not an Aldi exclusive item.

Reviews of Rise Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

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4 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Mocha & Latte Flavors

Rated 4 out of 5
May 9, 2022

Good overall especially if you like lattes and other sweet/creamy coffee drinks. I hope we will see the Rise Black Nitro at Aldi soon for those of us that drink it black.




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