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Aldi Instacart Pickup and delivery

Aldi Instacart: Online Orders

Aldi Online Ordering

Aldi uses Instacart for either curbside pickup at your local Aldi or grocery delivery to your home. If you start your online order through Aldi’s main site you will be taken to

It won’t really be obvious that you are using Instacart but you are. You can also place an online order at Aldi directly through Instacart searching for Aldi on your Instacart account.

Instacart Special Offers and Discounts


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Aldi Pickup Orders

Grocery Pickup at Aldi is a great way to save time and get your weekly Aldi Haul. You can add all your favorite Aldi products including Aldi Finds and Seasonal Favorites to your cart for curbside pickup.

Once you order is ready you just head to your local Aldi and pickup your order. In general you will pay slightly more for Aldi Curbside Pickup than you would pay in store.

The added cost is from a slightly higher cost on certain items compared to the in-store cost and a fee that is added at checkout.

The added cost for curbside pick up is generally going to be less than Aldi’s grocery delivery.

Aldi Instacart Grocery Delivery

Aldi’s Grocery Delivery through Instacart steps-up the convenience with same-day delivery of all your favorite finds.

Again this service is a bit more expensive than shopping for yourself or Aldi curbside pickup. Aldi delivery gives you the option of contactless delivery.

When an Aldi delivery order is placed through Instacart a delivery fee is charged along with service fees. The service fees can vary based on how much you order and the type of items in your cart.

See the cost breakdown below for both curbside pickup and delivery.

Aldi Instacart Delivery and Curbside Pickup Costs

Aldi orders through Instacart will cost a bit more than the same items purchased instore.

The cost for Instacart orders can be difficult to determine ahead of time. Here is a breakdown of the types of fees for Instacart at Aldi.

Aldi Online Order Fees (Pickup or Delivery)

  • Increased prices on Aldi products (Varies): Aldi sets the price of the products online but these prices may be more than the in-store cost. The added cost helps cover the cost of having someone do the shopping for you. You won’t see the increased prices marked on the website. The only way to know if you are paying more is to check the store or weekly ad. The good news is you probably won’t notice a big difference in your final bill (probably around 5%). The prices online are clearly marked so you know what you are paying ahead of time.
  • Bag Fee (same as instore): Aldi charges a fee for bags instore and you will be charged for the bags used in your order. You don’t have the option to not use bags or use your own bags.
  • Taxes and other fees: You will still see you normal local sales taxes and fees that you would pay in store.

Aldi Curbside Pick Up Fees

  • Pickup Fee ($1.99) : If you place a curbside pickup order at Aldi you will typically be charged a $1.99 “pickup fee”. There are no other service fees for pickup orders.

Aldi Delivery Fees

  • Delivery Fee (starts at $3.99): Your typical Aldi delivery fee is going to be $3.99 for same-day deliveries over $35. This fee varies and may be more for one-hour deliveries, club store deliveries, or on orders under $35.
  • Service Fee (Varies): These fees only apply to delivery orders, not curbside pickup. These fees vary based on location, the type of items, and size of orders.
  • Alcohol Service Fee (Varies): Not all Aldi locations carry alcohol but if you want to get any alcohol products (like Winking Owl Wine) delivered be prepared to pay a separate service fee. 
  • Priority Fee (usually $2-4): if you want your groceries fast (like 1 hour delivery) you may have to pay a bit extra for the convenience. These fees are usually $2, $3, or $4 dollars and allow you to pick a shorter delivery window. These aren’t always available.

Instacart Express at Aldi: For reduced fees.

If you are ordering most of your groceries online Instacart Express may be worth it for some added convenience and reduced fees. This goes for Aldi and orders from other grocery stores. 

You can pay $99 for the yearly plan (comes to $8.25 per month) or $9.99 per month. This gives you free delivery on orders over $35 and free pickup fees. 

Instacart express also gives reduced service fees and alcohol service fees. 

Finally, the priority fee is currently waived for Express members so you can get faster delivery without paying extra. Instacart claims you will save an average of $7 per order. 

If you are getting delivery more than twice a month you will probably come out ahead on delivery fees alone while getting faster delivery.

Aldi Instacart Payments

Payment Methods for Aldi Pickup or Delivery

  • Credit/Debit Card Online Payment: As expected you can pay for your online grocery order with credit or debit cards just like in-store.
  • SNAP/EBT: Both Aldi pickup and delivery online orders are eligible for SNAP and EBT benefits in most states. The same rules apply as instore for what items are eligible, check the USDA’s website for details. You will have to add another payment method for any items that aren’t eligible.
  • Currently the service is available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Wisconsin. All Aldi stores in the US accept SNAP and EBT for in-store purchases.
  • Gift Cards are not accepted: Aldi gift cards cannot be used for online orders at this time.

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